May 2023

9 Summer Jobs That Pay the Best

It’s usually easy to find a summer job as a student, but many jobs only pay minimum wage. To refine your search from the start, it’s helpful to know what kinds of summer jobs typically pay best. 1. Child Carer Parents who work full time need child care for kids who won’t be at school over the summer. If you have experience (which could include babysitting or even taking care of younger...

A Guide to Giving Your Student Apartment a Spring Refresh

Spring is a great time of year: the weather is warm, the days are longer, and everything feels more cheerful. Plus, when you’re a student, you have spring break to enjoy. A great way to bring a sense of spring into your life is to give your apartment a refresh. There are several things in particular you should do to prepare your student housing for the change of seasons. 1. Do a Deep Clean Go...

7 Tips for Reducing Your Screen Time

Staring at a screen for several hours a day is unavoidable when you’re a student. However, the likelihood is you’re using your devices far more than is essential for your studies and staying in touch with friends. Most people look at their phones as soon as they receive a notification and whenever they have nothing else to do. The problem with this habit is it has multiple negative effects, including...

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