6 Ways to Use Student Discounts and Save Money

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Student Discounts and Save Money

Student discounts can lead to big savings — and they’re often available for the things you need (or want) the most. Take full advantage of these discounts to make your time at university a little less expensive.

1. Carry Your Student ID Everywhere You Go

You never know when you’re going to have a chance to use your student discount. Stick your university ID in your wallet and carry it with you everywhere.

2. Ask About Discounts

When you’re about to make a purchase, always check if the business offers student discounts — they’re more common than you may think. Don’t assume stores will always advertise the fact that student discounts are available.

3. Pay for SPC Membership

You’ll gain even more discounts than you’d receive with your student ID alone if you sign up for the Student Price Card (SPC). Although it does cost $10 per year, the amount you save should mean it pays for itself. You’ll receive discounts on everything from clothing and tech to food, flights, and hotels. It’s especially useful for gaining student discounts when shopping online.

4. Shop Around

For big purchases, it’s worth comparing prices at several places before you come to a decision. A more expensive option could work out cheaper due to a student discount. However, this won’t always be the case. Don’t become so focused on finding student discounts that you miss out on an even better offer from a store you don’t usually patronize.

5. Learn About Seasonal Promotions

Some companies only offer student discounts at certain times of year. Others increase their regular discount on a seasonal basis. It’s important to be on the lookout for such offers, since they often last for only a short amount of time. Following businesses on social media and subscribing to the SPC newsletter are good ways to stay in the loop. Plus, don’t forget to spread the word when something does turn up to help your friends benefit, too.

6. Sign Up for Amazon Prime Student

Take advantage of the fact that you can have six months of Amazon Prime for free followed by a 50-percent discount while you remain a student. This will give you free streaming, early access to deals, and free delivery on orders. While you have the free account, you won’t have access to the Kindle library, but this does become available once your six months are up and you pay the discounted rate. In other words, you’ll have access to a couple thousand books that could be useful to your studies or help you relax while keeping your brain active.

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