9 Summer Jobs That Pay the Best

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Summer Jobs That Pay the Best

It’s usually easy to find a summer job as a student, but many jobs only pay minimum wage. To refine your search from the start, it’s helpful to know what kinds of summer jobs typically pay best.

1. Child Carer

Parents who work full time need child care for kids who won’t be at school over the summer. If you have experience (which could include babysitting or even taking care of younger siblings), you can charge a decent amount per kid. This kind of work is particularly ideal for anyone majoring in early education or who wants to work with kids in the future because you’ll gain some valuable experience to put on your resume.

2. Bank Teller

Not only will you earn more than minimum wage as a bank teller, you’ll learn useful skills, including handling money and customer service. Plus, you’ll be working regular business hours, meaning you’ll have evenings and weekends free. Banks often offer positions to university students who can show they’re trustworthy and reliable.

3. Server or Bartender

You can pick up a large amount of work over the summer by working as a server or bartender. Although the pay tends to be low, you’ll make plenty in tips. Since shifts tend to be in the evenings, you could even have a second job during the daytime, especially if earning a large amount over the summer is important to you.

4. Landscaper

To spend the summer outdoors and improve your fitness, nothing is better than landscaping. There’s almost no work available other than during the summer, meaning demand suddenly surges. If you know how to weed gardens, trim hedges, and mow lawns, this could be the perfect job for you.

5. IT Specialist

If you’re majoring in computer science or IT, you can start gaining experience over the summer. The easiest way to find jobs is by looking for freelance contracts. This will allow you to take just as much work as you need, potentially keeping a couple of long-term contracts when the semester starts up again to keep earning an income. Plus, since you can set your own rate depending on your skills and experience, it can be lucrative.

6. Freelance Writer

Another option for freelance work is as a writer. If you’re an English or creative writing major, you can easily create a portfolio of your university projects and use it to find clients on freelance platforms.

7. Camp Counsellor

Whether you loved going to camp as a kid or you always wanted to go but never had the chance, becoming a camp counselor could be a great option for you. Since you’ll be on the clock for many hours at a time, you’ll be compensated well for your time. You may be able to work for just a few weeks to save money for other things, such as for traveling over the summer or to have spending money for when you return to university.

8. Intern

Gain relevant experience for your future career by working an internship over the summer. You can do this at any point during your time at university, but you’ll need to apply early.

9. Ice Cream Shop Worker

Although working at an ice cream shop will likely pay minimum wage, patrons tend to tip, which can bring up your income. However, it definitely helps to be living in a tourist town.

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