How to Establish & Stick to a Class Routine

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Establish & Stick to a Class Routine

There are many reasons why you may be struggling to make it to your classes on time — or even at all. You may have too many early classes, be struggling with self-discipline, or be finding it hard to make the transition from online classes to in-person lectures.

Whatever the problem, there are tactics you can use to establish a class routine and stick with it.

Create a Class Schedule That Works for You

Many students like having plenty of morning classes on their schedule because this puts them in the right frame of mind from the start of the day and leaves afternoons free for other activities. However, if you’re finding it difficult to complete your morning routine and make it on time for class or you’re unable to concentrate during your lectures, consider if you may fare better with afternoon or even night classes.

Choose the Right Professors

Another factor that makes a big difference to whether you feel like going to class is the professor. Decide what you need from your professors — do you want someone supportive or do you need a professor who pushes you? Ask other students about their experiences and read reviews of professors when picking classes.

Take the Right Number of Classes

It can be tempting to take more than the recommended number of classes to graduate that much sooner. However, you’ll still want to have time in your schedule for extracurriculars, socializing with friends, and even downtime to relax. If your schedule is too heavy, you may be exhausted or start falling behind with homework, which can make just turning up for class stressful. If you realize you’ve signed up for too many classes, drop one or two early on.

Create a Balance of Classes

The last thing to consider when creating a schedule is how difficult your classes are. Try to strike a balance between subjects you find easy and those that are more challenging. Also, think about what kinds of skills or activities the classes involve to avoid becoming bored or overwhelmed with many of the same kinds of assignments.

Find a Buddy

Although you do have a large amount of choice at university, it may sometimes be impossible to take the classes you want at the time you prefer. On other occasions, you may need to take a required class with a professor who doesn’t resonate with you. In either of these cases, the solution is to buddy up with someone else in your class and head to lectures together. Not only should you find that this pushes you to be on time, but you can compare notes after and perhaps even start a study group with a few other students — whatever keeps you motivated.

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