How to Respond When Asked Why You Deserve an Internship

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Tips for When Asked Why You Deserve an Internship

Although every internship interview will involve different questions, there are a few favourites interviewers often use to determine if someone is a good candidate for the position. One in particular that comes up often is why you feel you deserve the internship. Students find this especially difficult to answer, as they’re not typically used to singing their own praises. Furthermore, “deserve” is a difficult word — you don’t want to sound like you feel entitled to the internship.

However, if you stop to think about what the question is actually asking, you can come up with an answer in advance that will improve your chances of landing the position. Here are some tips to guide you.

1. Think About What It Means to Deserve an Internship

The word “deserve” has a complex meaning. In terms of why the company should offer you the internship, think of it as meaning why you’re qualified for the position.

2. Decide What Qualities You’ll Mention

When you consider everything you’ve achieved at university, during your work experience, and in other areas of your life, you’ll likely find you have numerous accomplishments you could mention in the interview. However, you should stick to just merits that are relevant to the internship. Decide what you most want the interviewer to know about you and what helps you stand out from other candidates.
A good way to approach this is to make a list of all your top skills, qualities, and qualifications. For instance, you may have helped a company achieve great results during a past internship or job.

Alternatively, a particular class may have prepared you well for the internship — maybe you even won an award or gained an especially high grade on a project. Lastly, you may have taught yourself skills that will be relevant for the position.

Once you have a list of possible qualities, rank them. Build the top one to three into your answer about why you deserve an internship.

3. Explain What You Can Bring to the Company

A final way to show you deserve an internship without coming across as entitled is to talk about how you’ll be valuable to the company. Briefly mention your work ethic (with an example to back up your word) and express that you’re passionate about the position. Making it clear you’re grateful the employer is considering you for the internship — such as by thanking the interviewer at the end — will also emphasize this.

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