Why Consider Off-Campus Living for Next Semester

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Off-Campus Living for Next Semester

When you start university, it’s common to move straight into a dorm room on campus. However, this is far from your only option. If you’re feeling uncomfortable due to a lack of personal space or you’re spending too much on housing, you should consider living off campus next semester — here’s why.

1. More Amenities

Amenities are particularly limited when you live in a dorm, and you need to share whatever you do have with other students. When you live off campus, you’ll most likely have a kitchen with a full-size fridge and plenty of cabinets, a living room you’ll only share with a couple roommates at most, and laundry facilities. Some buildings even have added perks, such as a gym, games room, and study area.

2. Less Expensive

It sounds illogical, but living off campus actually tends to be less expensive than living in a dorm room. This is because you’re paying for the convenience of being close to your classes. Nonetheless, you can often find student apartments within walking distance or just a short drive from campus. One way you’ll definitely save money is by making your own meals instead of paying for an expensive meal plan.

3. Learn to Live Independently

Living off campus is a great opportunity to prepare for life after college. You’ll be responsible for paying bills, cooking, and maintaining your apartment — all of which are crucial skills that you’ll need after you graduate.

4. Build a Rental History

Another way living off campus will benefit you after you graduate is that you’ll have built a rental history. It’s usually easy to find housing while you’re at university, since there are apartments designed especially for students. However, finding your first apartment after university can be a challenge if you’ve never rented before. If you have a rental history, landlords will see that they can trust you to pay rent on time and keep the property in good condition, which will likely make them more willing to rent to you.

5. Study Without Distractions

If you want to do well at university, it makes sense to live off campus, as you’ll be able to focus on your studies much better. Student apartments tend to be quieter and you’ll face fewer distractions. You’ll be able to study in your bedroom or (if the building has one) in the onsite study rooms. Either option is ideal for studying alone or in a group.

6. Keep Your Room Over the Summer

It’s inconvenient to move out every summer. You need to pack up all your things — and then figure out arrangements to move back when university starts up again. With off-campus housing, you can often keep your room over the summer. This is particularly useful if you want to continue working a part-time job or find an internship.

7. Regain Your Privacy

Many students find sharing a room to be a difficult adjustment, particularly if you and your roommate never become friends. Plus, you may rarely have the chance to spend time alone. With off-campus housing, you’ll have your own space where you can feel at ease again. It’s even common to have an en-suite bathroom or share a bathroom with only one other person.

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