Student Housing Near University of Alberta, Edmonton

The student experience is about so much more than academics — it’s also about student housing! Edmonton students can make the most of their time at university by choosing 1TEN on Whyte.

Better Than Living in University of Alberta Residence

There’s a misconception that students need to live on campus for at least their first year to gain the full university experience. It’s no surprise that many students only spend that one year in on-campus residence; after all, most find it uncomfortable. You share a room with a student you’ve never met before and who may have a completely different lifestyle. Dorms are also loud, which makes it hard to focus.

At 1TEN, we invite you to live the student experience without the downsides. You’ll receive a private bedroom with a lockable door in a shared suite, or you can rent a bachelor apartment to yourself. If you choose to have roommates, you’ll live with just one to three other people. You can invite your friends to share a suite with you, or ask us to match you with roommates whose lifestyle aligns with your own.

Better Than Other Off-Campus Housing

Renting an apartment gives you a private space that you can use for studying or having guests over. Yet, there are still challenges with this type of student housing. For one thing, you’ll need to find other people to share with. Then, you’ll need to make sure everyone pays their fair share of rent and utility bills — which is often easier said than done. Alternatively, you could rent just a room in someone’s house, but this can be lonely and cramped.

1TEN is a better option than other types of University of Alberta off-campus housing. There’s no need to find roommates and you’re only ever responsible for your own rent, which already includes gas and electricity. If you choose to live in a bachelor apartment, you’ll still have plenty of chances to socialize in our gym or games room, or other common areas.

Best of Both Worlds

We combine the experience of living in traditional student housing with the benefits of off-campus housing. You’ll have a kitchen with a cooktop, refrigerator, and microwave where you can prepare your own meals. You’ll only need to share your three-piece bathroom with a maximum of just two other people. Plus, our student housing has amenities that will make you feel right at home, including a dining hall and study room. As our apartments are fully furnished, you can move in straight away.

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