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September 2021

How Procrastinators Can Succeed at University

Many people confuse procrastinating with being lazy. In reality, the two are completely different. Laziness means wasting your time. When you procrastinate, you justify the fact you’re not working on whatever you should be doing (such as completing an assignment) by doing something you prefer that does have value (such as chores, exercising, or less-urgent coursework). The bad news is that...

Must-Have Items for University

Using packing lists you find online is a great start, but even those lists tend to miss a few things that many students find invaluable. To make your stay at university as comfortable as possible, be sure to bring all these must-have items to your new apartment. 1. Extra Sheets While you could manage with just one set of sheets, it’s much more convenient to have two sets. This will mean you won’t...

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