May 2022

Heavy Workload at University

How to Manage a Heavy Workload at University

The workload at university may come as a shock, as it tends to be much heavier than the homework you were assigned during high school. Moreover, it’s up to you to organize your time to make sure you start working on assignments long before deadlines and prepare sufficiently for exams. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to neglect schoolwork until the last minute — and then you’ll need to rush to...

Off-Campus Living for Next Semester

Why Consider Off-Campus Living for Next Semester

When you start university, it’s common to move straight into a dorm room on campus. However, this is far from your only option. If you’re feeling uncomfortable due to a lack of personal space or you’re spending too much on housing, you should consider living off campus next semester — here’s why. 1. More Amenities Amenities are particularly limited when you live in a dorm, and you need to...

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