Must-Have Items for University

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Must-Have Items for University

Using packing lists you find online is a great start, but even those lists tend to miss a few things that many students find invaluable. To make your stay at university as comfortable as possible, be sure to bring all these must-have items to your new apartment.

1. Extra Sheets

While you could manage with just one set of sheets, it’s much more convenient to have two sets. This will mean you won’t need to carefully plan when you do your laundry to ensure your sheets are clean and dry before bedtime (remember that you’ll be sharing the laundry room with other people in your building). Having a second set of sheets can also be a lifesaver if you need to wash your sheets unexpectedly, such as if you spill food on your bed.

2. A Couple of Fans

Find out if your apartment has AC (and whether you’re able to control the temperature). If the answer is no, you’ll need a couple fans for the summer: one for your bedroom, the other for the living room.

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

You may not always be able to study somewhere quiet. Noise-cancelling headphones are ideal for helping you maintain your focus in a range of places, such as coffee shops, the library, and various places around campus. Other benefits of high-quality headphones include being able to enjoy music to the fullest, an improved experience when playing video games, and the chance to block out everything that’s making you stressed while you meditate.

4. A Toolkit

There are always going to be times when you need some basic tools — and it will become annoying to search for a friend who came to university better prepared than you. Purchase a small toolkit to have just the few things you’re likely to need.

5. Trash Bags

Arrive at your new apartment with a package of trash bags you can use immediately. Plus, remember to include trash bags on your shopping list to ensure you never go through the inconvenience of running out.

6. A Backpack

You’ll be carrying a large number of books, a laptop, chargers, stationery, and many other items around with you all day. This calls for a decent backpack. One with plenty of pockets is useful for keeping everything organized.

7. An Umbrella

Being caught in a downpour is more than just uncomfortable: unless your backpack is completely waterproof, you could ruin your books and damage your laptop. Buy a small umbrella to keep with you at all times.

8. A Laundry Hamper

Neglect to bring a laundry hamper and you’ll need to pile your dirty clothes somewhere in your room. Avoid the laundry mountain — since a hamper is inexpensive and takes up minimal space, there’s no excuse not to bring one.

9. Storage Bins

Small apartments that lack storage space quickly become messy, even when you put in the effort to tidy up regularly. A solution is to bring your own storage, such as cloth or canvas storage bins. These are also great for toting your belongings to the apartment in the first place.

10. A Scientific Calculator

If you’re taking even a basic math or science class, you’ll need a calculator. A scientific calculator is even more important if your major involves any statistical analysis work.

11. A Wall Calendar

In addition to having a detailed planner, it’s useful to hang a calendar above your desk. You can use this to quickly check dates and to remind yourself of your most important due dates and events.

12. Extra Pillows and Blankets

By packing more pillows and blankets than you need for yourself, you’ll have something to offer guests who want to crash at your place. Plus, this can make the space more comfortable, such as if you host a movie night with friends.

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