4 Apps to Help You Study More Efficiently

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Apps can improve every aspect of your life, including your studies. However, the huge number of apps to choose from can make it difficult to figure out what to add to your arsenal. Here are just a few top choices that will make a big difference to how efficiently you study.

1. Evernote

As you progress through college, organizing detailed notes will become more important. A great solution is Evernote. It allows you to organize your notes in whatever way makes sense to you. As well as writing text, you can scan images, add information from websites, and attach documents to your notes. This is ideal for making notes for your classes, storing details for research papers in one place, and sending information to other members of your group when you’re working on a project.

The basic version of Evernote is free and should be sufficient for most students. It allows you to sync two devices, gives you 60 MB of data per month in uploads, and allows you to create notes of up to 25 MB.

2. Quizlet

One of the best ways to learn facts for quizzes and memorize basic concepts is to use flashcards. There are a number of options for flashcards apps, but a particularly popular choice is Quizlet. It allows you to create your own flashcards with multiple choice or true/false answers as well as with open-ended questions. This adds an element of gamification to studying to keep you motivated. The basic version of the app is free for both iOS and Android.

3. My Study Life

To keep track of all your commitments — including your classes, assignments, meetings, and exams — download My Study Life. It’s the ideal solution for students who prefer to digitize everything but still want the benefits of having a planner. You can upload your schedule (whether it’s a traditional weekly schedule or a rotational schedule), add information about your classes, manage all kinds of tasks (from quick assignments to big projects), and set reminders for important dates.

My Study Life is available for free on iOS and Android as well as a web application for desktop devices. You can sync it across all your devices to ensure you always remember upcoming commitments, whether these are academic, work related, or extracurriculars.

4. Duolingo

If you’re a language student or you want to learn a language in addition to the classes you’re taking at university, you’d be hard pressed to find a better app than Duolingo. It has a huge range of languages, meaning it’s likely the one you want to learn is available. You can take an assessment at the start to test your level or begin from the basics and work your way up. The gamification makes language learning fun, whereas features like learning streaks and league rankings incentivize you to practice daily. There is a paid version (which is ad free and has a few extra features), but you should find that the free version has everything you need.

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