Student’s Guide to the Current Job Market

A Student’s Guide to the Current Job Market

Don’t start thinking all the hard work will be over once you graduate: the next challenge life will throw you is navigating the job market. Even though you’re armed with a degree, you won’t automatically find a job. Knowing more about the current job market and what you need to do to prepare will improve your chances of success. 1. Connections Are Key It’s easier to find jobs if you have...

Smart Study Habits

5 Smart Study Habits for 2023

You may have earned excellent grades at high school without putting in much effort, but university is different. It’s down to you to ensure you study effectively and use your time wisely. If you want to see improvements in 2023, commit to adopting some smart study habits. 1. Stay Motivated You’ll find it easier to sit down and study if you’re motivated. You may find motivation from meeting your...

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