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How to Make the Most of Your College Experience

College only lasts for a few years, but it’s packed with new experiences and opportunities. It’s important you make the right decisions to ensure you have no regrets and avoid mistakes that could cost you in the future. 1. Sort Out Your Finances Making poor financial decisions can leave you with unnecessary debt. For instance, you should only borrow what you need in student loans. You’ll need...

person holding phone and scrolling through apps

4 Apps to Help You Study More Efficiently

Apps can improve every aspect of your life, including your studies. However, the huge number of apps to choose from can make it difficult to figure out what to add to your arsenal. Here are just a few top choices that will make a big difference to how efficiently you study. 1. Evernote As you progress through college, organizing detailed notes will become more important. A great solution is Evernote....

Bedroom with pillows and desk

Easy Student Apartment Decor You Can DIY

With the right decor, you can turn a student apartment into your new home. To avoid spending your entire budget for the month as soon as you move in, make your own decorations from low-cost materials. The following ideas are especially easy to make and great for showing off your personality. 1. Customized Clock A clock is an easy fix to make your walls look a little less bare, but interesting designs...

Girl with books

A Guide to Coping with Back-to-School Stress

Although many students look forward to returning to university — to see their friends again, restart their extracurriculars, and perhaps begin some classes they’ve been looking forward to — the new semester does come with its share of stress. One of the best ways to cope is to practice mindfulness. This will mean you are able to deal with any challenges university life throws your way. Here are some...

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The Pros & Cons of Attending a Big University

Choosing the right university for you requires thinking about many factors. As well as whether the university offers your preferred major, what extracurriculars are available, and the location, you should consider the size of the university. There are some significant advantages of attending a big university — but also some downsides. Assessing the pros and cons will help you decide if a big university...

Summer Jobs That Pay the Best

9 Summer Jobs That Pay the Best

It’s usually easy to find a summer job as a student, but many jobs only pay minimum wage. To refine your search from the start, it’s helpful to know what kinds of summer jobs typically pay best. 1. Child Carer Parents who work full time need child care for kids who won’t be at school over the summer. If you have experience (which could include babysitting or even taking care of younger...

Guide to Giving Your Student Apartment a Spring Refresh

A Guide to Giving Your Student Apartment a Spring Refresh

Spring is a great time of year: the weather is warm, the days are longer, and everything feels more cheerful. Plus, when you’re a student, you have spring break to enjoy. A great way to bring a sense of spring into your life is to give your apartment a refresh. There are several things in particular you should do to prepare your student housing for the change of seasons. 1. Do a Deep Clean Go...

Tips for Reducing Your Screen Time

7 Tips for Reducing Your Screen Time

Staring at a screen for several hours a day is unavoidable when you’re a student. However, the likelihood is you’re using your devices far more than is essential for your studies and staying in touch with friends. Most people look at their phones as soon as they receive a notification and whenever they have nothing else to do. The problem with this habit is it has multiple negative effects, including...

Tips for When Asked Why You Deserve an Internship

How to Respond When Asked Why You Deserve an Internship

Although every internship interview will involve different questions, there are a few favourites interviewers often use to determine if someone is a good candidate for the position. One in particular that comes up often is why you feel you deserve the internship. Students find this especially difficult to answer, as they’re not typically used to singing their own praises. Furthermore, “deserve” is a...

Benefits of Meditation for University Students

6 Benefits of Meditation for University Students

There’s no better time than university to start practicing meditation. If you’ve never meditated before, you may have the wrong idea of what it involves. It’s not a passive activity where you attempt to think about nothing — it’s about paying attention to your thoughts and sensations to improve concentration and decrease anxiety. This can have the following significant benefits for...

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