A Guide to Giving Your Student Apartment a Spring Refresh

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Guide to Giving Your Student Apartment a Spring Refresh

Spring is a great time of year: the weather is warm, the days are longer, and everything feels more cheerful. Plus, when you’re a student, you have spring break to enjoy. A great way to bring a sense of spring into your life is to give your apartment a refresh. There are several things in particular you should do to prepare your student housing for the change of seasons.

1. Do a Deep Clean

Go beyond your regular chores by giving your apartment a deep clean. Pay attention to every room — you may like to designate a day to cleaning and involve your roommates in the undertaking.

In addition to cleaning the places you normally neglect (such as the windows, underneath furniture, and inside kitchen appliances), make sure to declutter. You’ll be amazed how much junk you’ve accumulated over the last few months. For instance, you may have old papers, magazines, freebies from events, and clothes you’ll never wear again. All this will be taking up space and making your apartment look messy.

2. Redecorate for Spring

Once your apartment is completely clean and decluttered, you can think about how to decorate to remind yourself spring is here. There’s no need for this to be anything dramatic. For instance, you may like to frame photos of new friends you’ve made and the adventures you’ve had over the last couple semesters. Buy some cheap frames and paint them to bring extra colour to your walls. Another option is to purchase potted plants — nothing says spring better than greenery. Finally, you could create a tassel banner for your bedroom or living room. All your need for this is paper tissue and ribbons.

3. Change Your Bedding

The heavy comforter you had on your bed for winter is no longer necessary. Switch to something that will keep your cool during warmer nights, such as linen sheets and a lightweight quilt. If you need to purchase bedding, consider the colour palette you’ve created with your new decorations.

4. Create a Spring Soundtrack

You’re mentally in a different place in the spring than you were during winter. Reflect this by creating a spring playlist you can listen to when you return home after classes. Include songs for relaxing on your own and with friends, studying, and cleaning (after all, chores are never done).

5. Prepare for Entertaining

Talking about being with friends, you may like to set up your apartment to make it better for entertaining guests over the spring. Check you have enough glasses and increase the seating with a beanbag chair.

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