7 Options for Paying for University Without Loans

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Student loans make university accessible to more people, but they also mean you will graduate with debt that could take you many years to pay off. For this reason, it’s always preferable to find ways to pay for university without taking out any loans. Here are some tips to consider.

1. Attend College Instead of University

Depending on your career goals, you may decide that attending college is a good alternative to university. It’s less expensive and you can always transfer credit to complete a university degree later, if you decide this is something you need. Plus, it won’t prevent you from continuing your education to a master’s degree.

2. Search for Scholarships

There are many scholarships out there if you just look for them. You don’t necessarily need to have top grades, be an athletic star, or have superb creative skills to be awarded a scholarship — they also recognize community service, support students from minority groups, and help those who want to pursue a particular career. Although it’s time consuming to search through everything to find options that are applicable to you, this can pay off big time.

3. Apply for Student Aid

You could be eligible for a grant, which could help you pay for some of your education costs. Find out automatically how much you could receive by applying for student aid.

4. Work While Studying

You may be able to earn enough to pay for your education and other expenses while studying if you work full time. To avoid becoming burned out, think carefully about how many classes you can reasonably fit into your schedule — start small and add more classes next semester if you decide you can handle it. Taking night classes and studying part-time is often the most practical. However, you may be able to study more hours if you find flexible work, such as a job on campus or online.

5. Take Some Online Classes

There are now more options for online classes than ever before. These are typically just as high quality as in-person classes, but they cost less. Find out if the school you want to attend offers any online classes that would count toward the requirements for your major or that you can take as electives.

6. Join the Canadian Armed Forces

You can pay nothing for college or a post-grad degree by signing up for a paid education program with the Canadian Armed Forces. The added benefit is you’re guaranteed a job in the field after you graduate.

7. Live Off Campus

Living off campus is not only more comfortable (as you’ll have more space, privacy, and freedom), it’s also less expensive than student residence. You pay a large premium to be close to your classes — even though you can often find apartments just a short distance from campus — and it’s common to be required to purchase a meal plan, which costs much more than preparing your own meals.

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