How to Keep Your Student Apartment Organized Next Semester

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It’s a good idea to start every new semester with the goal to make it better than the last. As well as improving your grades or social life, you should think about your student apartment. With a better-organized apartment, you’ll find it easier to study, feel less stressed, and enjoy having friends over. Best of all, you only need to spend a day or two tidying your apartment, after which you’ll just need to make sure you put things back where they belong to stay organized.

1. Add Storage Containers to the Refrigerator

Storage containers in the refrigerator are great no matter if you’re living alone or you have roommates. You can use them to separate your food according to who it belongs to or just to make finding what you’re looking for easier. There will be no more removing everything to find what’s lurking at the back!

2. Hang Shoe Organizers

Although they’re designed for footwear, you’ll find that shoe organizers are useful for storing all kinds of items. They’re especially convenient for storing cleaning products when you buy in bulk to save money.

3. Hang Hooks in Your Utility Closet

Leaving things like brooms, mops, and dusters on the floor of your utility closet can quickly cause a mess. One may fall over when you reach for another, cluttering up your closet. Hanging hooks on the wall is a simple solution to keep things organized at the same time as freeing up space.

4. Store Small Items in Mason Jars

There are many ways you can use mason jars for organization. In particular, they’re ideal for smaller items in the bathroom, stationery on your desk, and miscellaneous belongings that start causing clutter anywhere in your apartment. To improve aesthetics, decorate your mason jars by drawing doodles, using stickers, or painting them.

5. Place Larger Items in Baskets

For bigger items like notebooks, textbooks, and papers you need to access often, baskets are a great choice. Hanging a couple baskets will allow you to take full advantage of the wall space and prevent your desk from becoming a mess.

6. Use Silverware Containers

Belongings that are too big for mason jars but too small to stay organized in a basket can go in a silverware container. You can store everything from cables and school supplies to personal care items in silverware containers. Then, keep the container inside a drawer or leave it out on your desk.

7. Maximize Your Closet Space

If the door of your closet opens out (rather than slides across), add bars or an over-the-door hanger to increase storage space. Your closet door is a great place to keep belongings you use regularly, such as everyday shoes, your backpack, scarves, and gloves.

It’s always difficult to stay organized if you’re sharing a room or your apartment is too small for all your belongings. The solution in this case is to search for better student housing. Edmonton students can have their own room in a spacious suite or a bachelor apartment to themselves at 1Ten on Whyte. Book an in-person or video tour to see the facilities before you sign a lease.

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